Good photo/Bad photo

For this task we had to chose a good photo and a bad photo in order to discuss them. I actually decided to compare two photos of the same photographer, Richard Avedon

       Good photo


‘In  memory of late Mr. and Mrs. Comfort, A Fable in 24 Episodes’ by Richard Avedon

I have chosen this photo as a good photo because it is aesthetically pleasing the eye and arouses my interest in order to get more into it, to interpret and to understand its meaning, this, from my point of view being a very important thing in a good photo. This portfolio aroused my interest from the first moment I saw it, especially this photo, one of the reasons being the framing; there are no extra or unwanted objcets that can distract the viewer from the main idea, that this portfolio represents, “a violent cariacature of a world of thin women and rich men who are — at the end of the day — dust like the rest of us mortals.” Another thing that make this photo a good photo, is the composition: the subject is perfectly framed and is the centre of attention in the photo. The cold colors support the main idea and the meaning of this photo, the focus point is her face reflected in the half cutted  mirror behind which is placed the skeleton of her late husband, which also is sending a clear message.

Bad photo

Richard Avedon - Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent (14 June 1981) [1024]

 Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent by Richard Avedon  (14 June 1981)

I have chosen this photo as a bad photo, compared to his work. It doesn’t really catches my attention in a good way. The first thing that I’ve noticed when I first saw this photo, were her legs, that are completely cut off from her knees down along with the snakes tail. Another thing would be her bracelet; from my point of view, it is completely irrelevant, there is no need for it.



This task was supposed to get us used to the darkroom and the film processing. I started with a 35 mm camera, but the film wasn’t loaded properly, so this happened.

After this I decided to try with a Mamiya 7 medium format camera with a 120 film, which worked better than with the 35 mm one, but then again somehow I did something wrong with the film, because the light hit it.

DSC_3534 2 copy

In the darkroom I put my negatives on the photographic paper and above I put the glass panel and after that I’ve chosen the exposure time on the negative enlarger. After that I put the photographic paper in the developer for one minute, then in the stop bath for 30 second, after that I put it in the fixer for at least 2 minutes and finally I put it in water.


The last thing I did, was the contact print. I started by putting a negative in the negative holder, then I had to adjust the easel which helps holding down the photographic paper. After that I set the timer on two seconds for the test strip and switched on the focus button, so the image appeared on the easel. I focused the image using the focus knob and also used the focus finder and then I took the photographic paper, placed it on the easel to do the test strip in order to determine the exposure that I need. This is the final result.

DSC_3574 copy