This task was supposed to get us used to the darkroom and the film processing. I started with a 35 mm camera, but the film wasn’t loaded properly, so this happened.

After this I decided to try with a Mamiya 7 medium format camera with a 120 film, which worked better than with the 35 mm one, but then again somehow I did something wrong with the film, because the light hit it.

DSC_3534 2 copy

In the darkroom I put my negatives on the photographic paper and above I put the glass panel and after that I’ve chosen the exposure time on the negative enlarger. After that I put the photographic paper in the developer for one minute, then in the stop bath for 30 second, after that I put it in the fixer for at least 2 minutes and finally I put it in water.


The last thing I did, was the contact print. I started by putting a negative in the negative holder, then I had to adjust the easel which helps holding down the photographic paper. After that I set the timer on two seconds for the test strip and switched on the focus button, so the image appeared on the easel. I focused the image using the focus knob and also used the focus finder and then I took the photographic paper, placed it on the easel to do the test strip in order to determine the exposure that I need. This is the final result.

DSC_3574 copy


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