Paul Smith – Artist Talk

* we listened to him telling about his career and how he became a photographer

* first thing he told us was about the artist that inspired him – Jimmy Pike – which he told us about at the “What is Fine Art?” lecture, too.

* he introduced us to his projects, as the first one “Artist Rifles” – the photos we’re taken in army – this being the beginning of his career

* we actually found out that Paul Smith was one the first photographers which successfully created a series of photos called “Make My Night” using himself in the same photo as every person in it.

* so due to the success of these two project he got the attention of Tom Hingston, the graphic designer of Robbie Williams record covers

* he used the same technique as in his second project “Make My Night”

* it was actually really nice to hear that he worked with Robbie Williams

* he also has some other projects like This Is Not Pornography, Heroes, Mr. Smith, Impact

* i really liked one photo from the Commercial series where he said he got someone into a local to say something really weird, out loud, so all the people would like turn at that person with an “What did you just said?” expression on their faces

* what I actually learned from Paul Smiths’ work is that he likes pushing the boundaries and some of his photos are like shocking – you wouldn’t think that someone would actually do something like that – and in the same time like them and find them interesting, at least I do. I makes me want to do the same thing, the unusual stuff, that people are not expecting.


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