Christmas Task – Paolo Patrizi vs. Mishka Henner

* For this task we were first told to revisit the lecture What is a Photograph? in order to remind ourselves of what we’ve learned last term and what our work should include.

* We also had to look at  Paolo Patrizi’s and Mishka Henner’s work  “Migration Sex Workers” and “No Mans Land” and discuss our thoughts.


 Mishka Henner – ‘No Man’s Land’

‘No Man’s Land’ is a selection of photos taken with Google Street View and captures the prostitutes on the corners of the roads in Italy.

* usually Google Street View is used as a map, for finding places and when I saw that these photos were taken with GSV, I  was amazed, because I’ve never thought of the possibility of making photography in such way.

* Henner’s images are showing the women on the side of  the country roads waiting for their customers. I think that the fact that their faces are blurred is showing how men really see them, not as human beings, but as objects that they pay for.

Paolo Patrizi – Migration

* Migration it’s project about women from Nigeria, who are traveling to Italy to work in the sex trade. These migrant women are choosing to sell their bodies for money and the images are showing the indescribable conditions that these women live in.

* Henner’s work is impressive mostly because he discovered/’built’ a project in GSV, something that most of us use as a daily tool, but Patrizi’s work is the true documentation of what is happening, because his images are not only images of women on the side of the road, but images of women that work in the sex trade and of the conditions that they live and work in. I feel that this project it is actually documenting the life of these women; not all the images are aesthetically pleasing, it is not something that is easy to look at, but it is showing the truth.

* so the point of this article is to see which one of these two is better

* Alan Chin: “Google Street Views is a navigational tool, an educational resource, and sure, it can reveal a lot about a place and a scene at a given moment in time. But if you, the artist, are really so interested, then go there and take some pictures yourself. This is about as interesting as cutting out adverts from magazines that have some connection and then presenting your edit as a work of art. […]” 

* I personally agree with him, because  as the title of the article says Google Street View vs. Boots on the Ground, Boots on the Ground ‘wins’, it is a better project, better work; it is a truth and we can see that the photographer was actually interested in what was happening there, he did the research to find it all out and he did documented the life of this women and passed the information through his images and ‘practically’ took us there in those unbelievable conditions.


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