Easter Homework – 10 images

1. I can definitely say that nature is my thing, I love it and it inspires me, it always has, hence photographs like this one will always get my attention. In my opinion the natural light is pretty amazing and if you know how to use it you’re one step in front of the others and you end up with stunning images like this one, after all, photography is about “drawing with light”.  The dappled light in this image makes these amazing colours flow, like with the colour of the water, which goes from almost black near the frame to to a light green in the middle and then to a dark blue. Also the light on the model, it instantaneously tells you that the image was took someplace warm, probably in the middle of the summer and it kind of takes you in the image with her. In my opinion it is not just pleasing the eye, but not letting you take your eyes off of it.


2.  Another thing that I always liked in photography is the light when it’s out of focus, like in this photograph. The model is placed in the centre of the image with the light falling on her from the left and above. The photograph goes from a darker tone near the frame to lighter one in the centre of the image where the model is placed which attracts the human eye at her and then to the background and the rest of the image where the light is out of focus, which I think it gives the idea of a fairytale.


3.  I really like this image, because it is well accomplished both technically and creatively. The contrast between the highlights and the shadows is amazing. By placing the model in the middle of the picture, in the air, it looks like she is flying and the highlights from her waist up and around her on the clouds it gives you the idea of something divine, like she is a goddess and from her waist down everything goes darker and darker, along with her clothing, which kind of gives you the idea of  half divine – half earthly.



4.  This image is really interesting due to the black and white contrast. Clearly the centre of the image is the man holding that piece of wood in the light. I really like how you can see that those rays of light when they’re going through the window are like a strong white and the you can notice how they are spreading, but not chaotic, just straight on that piece of wood and then everything  slightly goes to pitch black – like the purpose of that light is only to illuminate that piece of wood.



5. Another thing that fascinates me, is the ability of playing with light in front of the camera. So, photography itself is drawing with light and with these images it’s like  ‘drawing with light a drawing of light’. As you can see in this image, the photographer has painted the frame of his bicycle using light and putting the camera on a slow shutter speed. I think that these kind of images can be extremely interesting if you’re creatively enough to make them interesting.



6. Another awesome photograph was created by aiming the camera at the sky and leaving the shutter open for an almost all-night exposure of eleven hours. The stars’ trails reveal the spinning motion of the Earth, in this instance the South Celestial Pole as seen from Namibia. I find it amazing how many awesome things you can do with light and a few ideas. 



7.  Again, as a person that really like natural light, I definitely  like this photo. I really like how the trees somehow reflect in the window, because of the bright light, but in the meantime you can clearly see the model. The bright light, the bright colours and the shadows make you feel like you know exactly what time of the day was when this picture was taken. It pleasing to the eye and kind of gives you a warm feeling about the moment caught in this photograph.



8. What I love about this photo is the contrast between the highlights and the shadows. When you first look at the photo you can notice that the shadows are making the place look like no one has been there in a long time, in fact this is what they are showing, but as you look more into the image those rays of sunshine give you the feeling of a human presence – so I think it is an interesting use of light to show something that is and is not there.



9.  I love how the light kind of falls on the model in this image and sharpens the colours from which you can notice that it is about the relationship between the nature and the girl. Not to much or to less light, falling on her, creates the perfect image, contrasting the colours and kind of sending a message about the connection between the girl and the nature, about her being in peace with the nature, in a fashionable way.



10.  This photograph was made by a belief in the Chinese folklore – that God tied a red string around peoples ankles and they were supposed to find whoever was at the end of the string. The thing that I liked the most about this photograph is that it was taken in the woods because of the ways of how the rays of light come from behind the models, through the trees. The two models are holding hand like they got to the end of the string and finally found each other, so the rays of light coming from their behind gives you the idea of the divine presence.



Inspirational Library Session

At the preclass library session we were split in groups and each group got a book from which to choose a photo to comment on about the light being used in.

The book that we had was from the photographer Ori Gersht, History Repeating.


The image above is the image that we choose to comment on; I personally found it very beautiful and interesting.  The light that is being used in the image is the natural light and I, for one, love the natural light, I find it better than everything. Because of the light, the viewer can tell that the image was shot early in the morning and I personally think that the photographer has carefully taken in consideration the angle from which he took the photograph, because we can see that the light is being used to light up the rubbish on the ground and in the same time we can notice the shadows on the animals, which shows the contrast that, I think, is sending the viewer an important message about how the man is neglecting the animals and not protecting their habitat, by filling it with rubbish. I also consider that the photographer has intentionally taken the photograph in the morning to also catch the fog, so he could bring the viewer into the image. The composition of the image allows us to follow the path of goats as they wade through the rubbish creating a sense of voyeurism. Also, the light has created a divide between the image, drawing the viewer’s eyes to the horizon creating depth in the image and the way the light reflects of the animals and the rubbish creates subtlety.