Task 1

The portraits that I made are of two people that I know, but there is quite a big difference between knowing someone just by their name or how they look like and knowing everything about someone and what they’re like as a person. One of the portraits is of my best friend, Adriana – I know everything about her and I know her so well that sometimes she just has to look at me and I know what she wants to say. The other one is of a girl I met a few years ago, Mara and even though we’ve met a few year ago, the only thing I know about her is that she went to Art High School and that she is an amazing artist.

When I took Mara’s portrait there was a tension during those 2 – 3 minutes, not actually knowing each other made that moment, strange and I wanted to show through this picture, her talent, which makes her who she is, an artist, someone creative and really¬† passionate about what they do.

But, when I took Adriana’s portrait, we were both relaxed, laughing and everything was spontaneous. I took a few photos of her and then I thought that, that was it, it was enough, because through those pictures the viewer can see that there’s a connection between the photographer and the subject, there is no tension, it is obvious that the subject is comfortable and not trying to pose for the picture.

The conclusion is that when I photographed Mara, I knew what to focus on and what to show about her in this portrait, but when I photographed Adriana, it was quite hard – the viewer can see that there is a connection, but he can’t figure out anything about the subject.





Task 3

I choose to rework on the project that I made for my portfolio, because I looked more into it and decided that it needed to be improved, both the images and the idea.

The most common symbolic meaning of horses are power, beauty, grace and vitality which I find that all are related to fashion, simply because a woman’s sense of fashion bring her power and most important, confidence.

Sense of fashion is one of the most important things in a woman’s life, because that stunning look, outfit that turns all the heads after her, is bringing that confidence that tells her she can do and get everything that she wants and you can see it in her eyes. Also, the skull of a horse, its structure is something amazingly beautiful and mysterious, intimidating its ‘viewer’ just like a strong and confident woman does.