The images are 24 by 18cm and they’re going to be exhibited, three on the left side, three on the right side, just like in the image bellow with a distance of 3cm between them, on each side. All the images are in a white wooden frame with glass, because the glass is associated with the cover of the iris and the pupil.  The reason I choose to exhibit them in this order is because I want them to go like a story, it begins by showing “the window”, it goes further by trying to get inside, representing what we all trying to find out through science, whether we could find the soul one day through the eye, then back outside, confused, everything being blurry and in the end another look at the “entrance”; even though no one managed to ever prove it, make it a fact, we can still see it’s there, the eyes are the window to our soul.

third option


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