Final Images

The reason I took the first two images as separate images of the two eyes are mainly because I didn’t want to have the cliche image of only the eyes and because of the message I want to send to the audience. The first image, the image of the eye opened represents a whole view of the “window to our soul”, whereas the second one represents the “window” closed.


The night has a thousand eyes,/ And the day but one; / Yet the light of the bright world dies/ With the dying sun.    – Francis William Bourdillon, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.  

This is what the second image represents, in a metaphorical way – what happens when we choose turn off the light in our soul, everything is blurry for the ones that are trying to “get in”.

These two images show, how expressive and how much you can tell by looking into someone’s eye and how little you could tell without being able to do this, everything’s blurry, you don’t understand anything, it’s like a blank page.




final image



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