A hidden beauty – Artist Statement




A hidden beauty  is a body of work that explores the presence of the Gibson Girl in our modern age.

In the late 19th century, Charles Dana Gibson created the ideal feminine beauty, the Gibson Girl. She was the most beautiful, upper class, fashionable, athletic, calm, independent, confident and desired personal fulfilment. For twenty years these qualities were constantly advertised to women in such way that they quickly began to embrace her as a role model. They created their entire look after her and even their personalities were of a Gibson Girl, but the concept slowly faded away at the beginning of 1920s.

This body of work explores how her qualities are still advertised in our everyday life, in fashion magazines, especially on the covers, even though the Gibson Girl as a concept disappeared.

The pictures that can be seen from the left side, are recreated images from the covers of Vogue magazine. The reason for choosing Vogue covers is that the covers are the first thing the audience sees and where these characteristics are being massively sold to women across the world. The illustrations on the right side are slightly manipulated as I removed the background to have only the Gibson Girl whose pose would subtly match the one of the model’s in the other image.


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