The images are 24 by 18cm and they’re going to be exhibited, three on the left side, three on the right side, just like in the image bellow with a distance of 3cm between them, on each side. All the images are in a white wooden frame with glass, because the glass is associated with the cover of the iris and the pupil.  The reason I choose to exhibit them in this order is because I want them to go like a story, it begins by showing “the window”, it goes further by trying to get inside, representing what we all trying to find out through science, whether we could find the soul one day through the eye, then back outside, confused, everything being blurry and in the end another look at the “entrance”; even though no one managed to ever prove it, make it a fact, we can still see it’s there, the eyes are the window to our soul.

third option


Final Images

The reason I took the first two images as separate images of the two eyes are mainly because I didn’t want to have the cliche image of only the eyes and because of the message I want to send to the audience. The first image, the image of the eye opened represents a whole view of the “window to our soul”, whereas the second one represents the “window” closed.


The night has a thousand eyes,/ And the day but one; / Yet the light of the bright world dies/ With the dying sun.    – Francis William Bourdillon, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.  

This is what the second image represents, in a metaphorical way – what happens when we choose turn off the light in our soul, everything is blurry for the ones that are trying to “get in”.

These two images show, how expressive and how much you can tell by looking into someone’s eye and how little you could tell without being able to do this, everything’s blurry, you don’t understand anything, it’s like a blank page.




final image


Inspiration – “Your Beautiful Eyes” – Suren Manvelyan

These images inspired me in term of technique, because of the angle from which the photographs were taken the pupil look like a black hole that goes inside. It gives the viewer the feeling that through the pupil there is a path that will take you inside the eye – into the soul.



And the way you see the eye, like there is a glass protecting that path is one of the main reasons why I chose to frame the pictures and have glass protecting the images.


Mihaela Ivanova – Identity

I came across this artist’s project Identity and I found it really interesting because in the photographs that she took she has the subject holding a part of a portrait of a different person, the photograph being either with the mouth of a different person or the eyes, but in most of the pictures she choose to have the subjects holding the photograph with the eye.





It is amazing how much of difference  and change it makes to the person that is holding in one of the pictures, a image with someone else’s eyes and in the other with someone else’s mouth. I personally believe that the eyes change the image completely, whereas the one with the mouth doesn’t make you look at what change does the picture with the mouth make, but it still makes you look at the subjects eyes.

More about the eye – Deniz Beyazit

The artist also talks about the expression of our eyes, how much it matters and how much of a difference the look in our eyes makes.

The statues, for example, most of them don’t have eyes, they’re just empty – as she puts it “they stare into emptiness’.

DP810312by Charles Antoine Coypel

The expression of our describes everything we feel, for example how Medea’s reaction is represented after she was betrayed. It is obvious that the artist focused on the expression of the eyes, because of how important it is in showing a emotion.


Identity – Deniz Beyazit – Further into the meaning of the Eye

I came across of a recording with the art curator Deniz Beyazit where she talks about the human eye and how they can speak with no words. She talks about The Evil Eye which in the islamic culture it is believed to be “a protection of the bad look”, jealousy.

It is very interesting how in almost every culture the eye, from the very beginning is considered to be a protection from the bad. In Egypt it is known as The Eye of Horus or The Eye of Ra, that brings protection against the evil, in India, The Eye of Shiva – possessor of knowledge and destroys the evil; in Nepal – Eyes of Buddha, referred as The Eye of the World; in the Middle East, the symbol of the eye in a hand, again brings protection against the evil, in Christianity – The All Seeing Eye, Eye of Providence, which is now used as a symbol for The Illuminati, representing the opposite of what it is known by.


In almost every culture the eye is known as a protection against the evil. It is also known that the evil has no soul. The Black Eyed Children, for example, everyone is terrified because of these stories, the internet is full of articles about these children terrifying the world. People describe them as young children with black eyes, that give them a feeling of the evil being present and that they look soulless; like the evil knocked at their doors.

With all this information about the eye protecting us from the evil, also being considered as the window to our soul and that the evil has no soul, it takes us to the conclusion that the eye is indeed a path to our souls.

Also, I recently read a few articles that were mainly about the fact that we all lose 21 grams when we die and that it is believed to be our soul leaving the body. In relation to this, if you look at the eyes of a dead person you’ll see nothing scarier than that – they look empty, like there is nothing there and there is nothing left indeed as that person is gone.


Identity – Thoughts

I decided to create my final body of work based on this theme. The main reason I decided to do this is that I actually believe that you can “identify” a person just by looking into their eye,  just a look into their eyes and you can tell who they are. It has nothing to do with guessing their past and their future, it is only about reading them, who they are as a person, whether they can be trusted or not, whether their intentions are good or bad and so on.

There is a reason why our eye are said to be the window to our soul – they express our emotions and they never lie.

The eyes have one language everywhere. – George Herbert,  Jacula Prudentum (1651)  – Reading this made me think more about the fact that our eyes are unique, yet they speak the same language everywhere, as it George Herbert puts it. They are unique yes, as the soul of each person is, but eyes do the same thing for everyone, they are the window to our soul, no matter how different we are from each other, we all have this one thing in common, so similar yet so different.